Metal flatbed knitting machines

Flat-bed machines typically attach to the table or a special A- or tilt-stand with special clamps. The metal bed makes the machines somewhat heavy but also very durable. Metal flatbeds are also more prone to rust than plastic flatbed machines.

Metal flatbed machines come in fine, mid-, standard, and bulky gauges.

There are very many varieties of flat bed knitting machines. IT is probably the largest category out of all knitting machines for hobbyists or small production knitters.

Metal flatbed machines are still manufactured in limited quantities. Vintage metal flatbed machines were manufactured by Japanese companies Singer/Studio/Silver Reed, Brother and Toyota. Most of the machines below I had personal experience with. The ones that I did not, still have pictures I collected with permission on he Internet.

If you are new to machine knitting on flatbed machines, and you just got a machine, consider the beginner-friendly projects I recommended to all my students and customers.

BROTHER knitting machines

Brother KH210, bulky, manual

Brother KH220, bulky, manual

Brother KH230, bulky, manual

Brother KH260, bulky, punchcards

Brother KH270, bulky, electronic

Brother KH35, standard, manual

Brother KH212, standard, manual

Brother KH218, standard, manual

Brother Profile 500, standard, manual

Brother KH511, standard, 4-push-button

Brother KH521, standard, 4-push-button

Brother KH531, standard, 4-push-button

Brother Profile 551, standard, 4-push button

Brother Profile 552, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH560, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH561, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH571, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH581, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH583, standard, 8-push button

Brother Profile/KH585, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH587, standard, 8-push button

Brother Profile/KH588, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH601, standard, 8-push button

Genie (Brother) KH710, standard, 8-push button

Brother KH800, standard, 12-hole punchcards

Brother KH801, standard, 12-hole punchcards

Brother KH810, standard, punchcards

Brother KH811, standard, punchcards, also pushbuttons

Brother KH821, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH830, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH831, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH836, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH838, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH840, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH851, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH860, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH864, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH868, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother (Palie) KH871, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH880, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH881, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH890, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH891, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH892, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH893, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH894, standard, 24-hole punchcards

Brother KH900, standard, electronic

Brother KH910, standard, electronic, mylar sheets

Brother KH930, standard, electronic

Brother KH940, standard, electronic

Brother KH950, standard, electronic

Brother KH950e, standard, electronic

Brother KH950i, standard, electronic

Brother KH965, standard, electronic

Brother KH965i, standard, electronic

Brother KH970, standard, electronic

Brother KH110, 8-push button, fine

Brother KH120, 8-push button, fine

JUKI knitting machines

To my current knowledge, JUKI released only standard-gauge knitting machines

JUKI K-821, manual/basic

JUKI K-871, One-touch Auto, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-881, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-882, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-883, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI KE-1200, Hi-Memory, 12-pushbutton/12-hole punchcard combo

JUKI KE-1500, Hi-Memory, 12-pushbutton/12-hole punchcard combo

JUKI, KE-2400, Hi-Memory, 24-hole punchcards

JUKI KE-2500, Hi-Memory, 24-hole punchcards

SILVER/SILVER REED knitting machines

Silver Reed F270, punchcards, fine-gauge

Silver Reed F370, punchcards, fine-gauge

Silver Reed, Studio by White, SK830, electronic, fine-gauge

Silver SK101, standard, manual

Silver SK102, standard, manual

Silver SK103, standard, manual

Silver SK105, standard, manual

Silver SK106m, standard, manual

Silver SK301, standard, turn-knob

Silver SK302, standard, turn-knob

Silver SK303, standard, turn-knob

Silver Reed 250L, punchcards, standard

Silver SK311, punchcards, standard

Silver SK312, punchcards, standard

Silver SK313, punchcards, standard

Silver SK320, punchcards, standard

Silver SK321, punchcards, standard

Silver SK322, punchcards, standard

Silver SK323, punchcards, standard

Silver SK324, punchcards, standard

Silver SK325, punchcards, standard

Silver SK326, punchcards, standard

Silver SK327, punchcards, standard

Silver SK328, punchcards, standard

Silver SK329, punchcards, standard

Silver SK350, punchcards, standard

Silver/ Silver Reed SK360, punchcards, standard

Silver Reed SK700, punchcards, standard

Silver SK500, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK560, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK561, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK562, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK580, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK581, standard, electronic

Silver Reed, My Studio, SK840, standard, electronic

Silver Reed SK160, manual/basic, mid-gauge

Silver Reed SK120, manual/basic, bulky, 8 mm

Silver Reed SK121, manual/basic, bulky, 11 mm

Silver Reed SK150, manual/basic, bulky, 9 mm

Silver Reed SK151, manual/basic, bulky, 9 mm

Silver Reed SK155, punchcards, bulky

Silver Reed SK155P, My Studio, punchcards, bulky

Silver Reed 890, My Studio, electronic, bulky

SINGER knitting machines

Singer MemoMatic 210, standard, punchcards

Singer MemoMatic 321, standard, punchcards

Singer MemoMatic 328, standard, punchcards

Singer MemoMatic 360K, standard, punchcards

Singer MemoMatic 700K, standard, punchcards

Singer 151, basic/manual, bulky (9 mm gauge)

Singer 151, basic/manual, bulky (9 mm gauge)

Singer 155, punchcards, bulky (9 mm gauge)

STUDIO knitting machines

Studio 305, standard, basic/manual

Studio mod. 810, standard, basic/manual

Studio 310, standard, with needle selector

Studio 312, standard, punchcards

Studio 313, standard, punchcards

Studio 315, standard, punchcards

Studio 321, standard, punchcards

Studio mod.326, standard, punchcards

Studio mod.360K, standard, punchcards

Studio SK120, bulky, manual

Studio Bulky Eight, bulky, manual

Studio SK121, bulky, manual

TOYOTA knitting machines

PASSAP knitting machines

CORONA knitting machines

MITSUBISHI knitting machines

EMPISAL knitting machines

ELNA knitting machines

ELENA knitting machine