Brother KH35 knitting machine

The Brother KH35 knitting machine is a simple knitting machine released by Brother Co. to the market in 1955.

It features 184 needles, spaced 4.5 mm apart. It has two metal flaps on each side of the machine, which very likely act like bed extensions (similar to the extension rails on later models) of Brother knitting machines. Because of this and a wider case, I suspect that the machine is somewhat heavy.

This vintage model does have the automatic yarn tension unit – only the yarn holder rod.

Despite being such a vintage item, the carriage still features a tension dial, a row counter tripper, brushes to open the latches, and a detachable handle.

The sinker plate seems to be permanently attached to the carriage, which makes the case somewhat wide (to accommodate the storage of the carraige+sinker assembly).

The carriage handle is detachable and is stored in the case lid when not in use.

Row counter is detachable but of a vintage round-dial type.

The carriage has cam knobs and is capable of knitting tuck-stitches beside stockinet. However, all needle selection is manual.

The needles are short and look very similar to the needles of European knitting machines, (e.g. Passaps).

I got all this information from the hard copy of the manual I own. I did not have a chance to knit on this beautiful machine.

More photographs and pages from the manual are below.

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