Studio Knitting Machines

“Studio” knitting machines are the rebranded (for the Canadian market) Silver Reed machines. They are also sometimes rebranded under the Corona trademark.

Studio knitting machines, especially, metal flat-beds, have somewhat different mechanisms than other knitting machines (although there are some overlaps). Thus, they sometimes need a different approach to handle carriage problems than machines might. Some of them are covered in my article.

Standard-gauge knitting machines

Basic/Manual models

Studio 305, standard, basic/manual

Studio mod. 810, standard, basic/manual

Studio 310, standard, needle selector

Punch-card models

Studio knitting machines with punchcard-patterning capabilities have patterning drums, and thus, often have very specific problems that need to be taken care of. Some of these problems (together with their solutions) are outlined in my other article.

Studio 312, standard, punchcards

Studio 313, standard, punchcards

Studio 315, standard, punchcards

Studio 321, standard, punchcards

Studio mod.326, standard, punchcards

Studio mod.360K, standard, punchcards

Bulky knitting machines

Studio SK120, bulky, 8 mm gauge, manual

Studio Bulky Eight, bulky, 8 mm gauge, manual

Studio SK121, bulky, 11 mm gauge, manual

Fine-gauge knitting machines

… in progress