ADDI knitting machines

German company Addi manufactures and still sells plastic circular knitting machines. Currently, they have three models – Addi Egg (6 needles), Addi Express Professional ( 22 needles) and Addi Express Kingsize (46 needles) knitting machines.

Addi knitting machines are by far the best circular plastic machines on the market right now and it reflected in their price. The second-best but less expensive alternative is Sentro.

The parts of all Addi machines (needles) are interchangeable. They all take the same thickness yarn (up to worsted). There are two versions of the larger machines: with electronic and analog row counters. Later models are in fact with mechanical row counters (I know, kinda backward) as the knitters discovered that electronic row counters sometimes either stop counting or reset due to the static build-up during knitting.

Read below the pros and cons of these wonderful machines and some of the projects that can be done using these machines.

Addi Egg, 6 needles

Good for cords, toys, and crafts.

Addi Express, 22 needles

Good for hats for premies, narrows craves, sleeves, fingerless gloves, leg warmers for kids and petite adults, small socks (with some manual manipulations), headbands, craft projects, and toys, to name a few.

Addi Express Kingsize, 46 needles

Good for hats (for adults and kids), scarves, flat panels for sweaters, and blankets.