Toyota Knitting Machines

The information on Toyota knitting machines is very scarce and various sources list various models but none of these courses list all models with all their features. Below is the list that I could compile. I have probably half of those machines in my collection – so will be posting pictures soon. Because this list is still a work in progress – forgive my mistakes in advance and feel free to correct me.


Toyota APK, manual/basic

Toyota K104, manual/basic

Toyota K106, manual/basic

Toyota K107, manual/basic

Toyota K 108, manual/basic

Toyota K 109, manual/basic

Toyota 202, 5.5 mm gauge, manual/basic

Toyota K 109, turn knob

Toyota K 111, turn knob

Toyota 500

Toyota K505, turn knob

Toyota K510, standard/basic

Toyota 700

Toyota KS727, punchcards

Toyota KS747, punchcards

Toyota KS757

Toyota KS777

Toyota KS787, punchcards

Toyota KS858, punchcards

Toyota KS895

Toyota KS901, punchcards

Toyota KS950, punchcards

Toyota Elena Auto 7, punchcards

BULKY gauge

Toyota K600, punchcards

Toyota KS610

Toyota KS650


Toyota 210, basic/manual