Ribbers need to match the gauge of the machine. Thus, there are ribbers for standard, bulky, mid- and fine-gauge machines. Almost all knitting machine makers created ribbing attachments for their corresponding flat-bed knitting machines. The list of ribbers below is split by manufacturer and gauge.


Bond Ribber

Bond Elite Ribber


Ribbers manufactured by Brother always come with the number ending with zero and with the “KR” letters before the model number.

Brother KR230, bulky

Brother KR260, bulky

Brother KR531

Brother KR551, standard

Brother KR580, standard

Brother KR586, standard

Brother KR587, standard

Brother KR710, standard

Brother KR810, standard

Brother KR830, standard

Brother KR840, standard

Brother KR850, standard

Brother KR890, standard

Brother KR900, standard

Brother KR110, fine gauge

Brother KR120, fine gauge


Elna ER2350, bulky

Elna ER2450, standard


Empisal KR680, standard

Empisal Supermatic PB8 KRE68

Empisal KR70

Empisal KR90


Similar to machines, ribbers branded under Jones are the same models as those under Brother.

Jones KR551 ribber, standard

Jones KR582 ribber, standard

Jones KR586 ribber, standard


Genie KR710 ribber, standard

Knit King

KR-880 ribber, standard

KR-900 ribber, standard


Knitmaster 302 ribber


Knittax M, standard


Prazisa Home Knitter Ribber, standard

Singer/Silver Reed/Studio ribbers

Singer/Silver Reed/Studio ribbers are all interchangeable. Below are the models I either had or saw pictures online. …just to show that the models do exist and that I didn’t just retype the list below from other Internet sources.

The general rule is the letters “SR” mark the bulky ribbers. “SRP” are for standard-gauge ribbers. Ribbers with the letter “F” are for fine-gauge machines. Ribbers with the letter “J” in the name, SRJ and FRJ, have some extra features (mostly for convenience) to knit double-bed jacquard even though simpler SRP and SR ribbers still knit double-bed jacquard patterns.


Singer SR120, bulky

Singer SR150, bulky

Singer SR155, bulky

Singer SRP50, standard

Singer SRP60, standard

Singer FRP70, fine-gauge


Studio SR120, bulky

Studio SR150, bulky

Studio SR155, bulky

Studio SRN321, standard

Studio SRP50

Studio SRP60

Silver Reed/SILVER

FRJ80, fine


SR101, standard


SR301, standard

SR321, standard

SRJ70, standard; might be equipped with RJ1 birdseye carriage

SRP50, standard

SRP60, standard

SRP60N, standard

SRP322, standard


Pile rib knitter, standard


SR860, mid-gauge

SR120, bulky

SR150, bulky

SR151, bulky

SR155, bulky


Toyota KR450, standard

Toyota KR460, standard

Toyota KR501, standard

Toyota KR504, standard

Toyota KR505, standard

Toyota KR506, standard

Toyota KR310, bulky

Toyota KR350, bulky

Toyota KR650, bulky