Brother KR110 ribbing attachment

If fine-gauge knitting machines are hard to find, then the matching ribbing attachments are almost impossible to snatch. Alas, I was only able to get a hold of the pictures of Brother KR110 ribber, which are posted below (without objection from the original owner) for your admiration.

The carriage reminds me of a carriage for the KH810 ribber. The same orange release button and similar vintage table clamps.


Same about the side brackets: they are extremely similar to those for the Brother KR810 ribber and yet do not have a flat unfolding lever that would be attached to the table but a regular table clamp (if you ever saw the side brackets for the Brother KR830 and KR850 ribbers, you’ll know what i mean).


The design and functionality of the connecting arm is also very similar to the KR810  ribber. Thus, if you cant find information on Brother KR110 ribber, look for the info on KR810 ribber and you will be all set for your knitting adventures.


Brother KR110 ribber matches the only machine: Brother KH110. Other fine-gauge ribbers are Brother KR120, which was released later to the market (judging by the  vintage features of KR110 in comparison to KR120).



One difference though from the KR810 ribber is that KR110 set contains vintage-looking (not barrel-like) weights.


If you purchased this ribber in a rough shape, check my article on the steps I take while cleaning and servicing ribbers, especially those showing some rust.

If you have a well-serviced ribber, check the steps I take while testing the ribbers.

Happy Knitting!

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