Push-button knitting machines

I put my hands on almost all Brother push-button machines (if you see anything not mentioned below – I would appreciate if you let me know). If you would like to share any pictures I do not have (with the credits posted in my Encyclopedia, of course), let me know.

I am excited to start exploring soon push-button machines manufactured by other companies.


Brother, for sure, made the largest number of models of pushbutton knitting machines. The pushbutton machines are, in my opinion, are miracles of intricate engineering. They offer robustness, longevity and a lot of possibilities. Just combine you imagination, patience and skill. Pusbutton machines are excellent for absolute beginners, those who transition from hand-knitting to machine knitting, designers and simply those who like to tinker with needles and stitches but cant hand-knit.

4-push button knitting machines

Brother KH521, standard

Brother KH531, standard

Brother Profile 551, standard

8-push button knitting machines

Brother KH110, fine

Brother KH120, fine

Brother KH552, standard

Brother KH560, standard

Brother KH561, standard

Brother KH571, standard

Brother KH581, standard

Brother Profile/KH583, standard

Brother Profile/ KH585, standard

Brother KH587, standard

Brother Profile/KH588, standard

Brother KH601, standard

Genie (Brother) KH710, standard

(Brother) Empisal KH88, standard

Brother KH811, also punchcard


As of today, I am not aware of any knitting machines made by Singer/Studio/Silver Reed with push-button capabilities. I’ve seen some machines on the Internet marked as Empisal but with “KH” labeling. They look different than pushbutton Brother machines so it is possible that those are indeed made by the father company Silver Reed.

So… … to be continued…


Toyota 858 (pushbuttons+punchcards)


Empisal KH610

Empisal KH680

Empisal KH90

Empisal KH91