Brother KH120 knitting mahcine

Brother KH120 knitting machine is a fine-gauge machine (the distance between needles is 3.6 mm) capable of somewhat automatic needle selection activated by a ratchet tool and eight push buttons.

It was very likely released to the market in the very early or mid-1970s because this is when similar standard-gauge 8-pushbutton knitting machines with the same functionality and carriage settings were made.

In fact, patterning capabilities and procedures are the same for fine and standard gauge machines, so if you have questions about these machines you can’t find answers for, check the information on other Brother push-button machines.

The machine features 260 needles and a pattern center. The pattern center is identical to the one in standard-gauge 8-pushbutton knitting machines, KH588, KH601 and KH710. Unlike its older sister, Brother KH110, where carriage functions (buttons, levers, and knobs) are identical to those on the carriage for the Brother KH601 and KH800 knitting machines, Brother KH120 is identical to its standard-gauge sister – Brother KH710: the look, the plastic case and the end caps, the buttons on the carriage and levers – all reminds strongly of Brother KH710 design.

Thus, all patterning capabilities of KH120 are similar to standard-gauge Brother knitting machines. Thus, if you cannot find a manual for Brother KH120, search for a manual for KH710. Details of fair-isle knitting for this machine, especially how to insert the second yarn into the side yar guide, are very similar to the KH800 knitting machine, which is described well in my video and blog.

The machines can still be purchased in the used Western and Japanese markets. Just keep checking online and local auction and market place sites.

Needle shape and dimensions (with the exception of the hook size and the metal thickness), are identical to the needles for the standard gauge machines. All have a very typical bend in the needles, as seen in all pushbutton Brother knitting machines. They can be purchased in my Etsy or independent store.

The machine comes with a standard set of accessories, which are neatly stored in a special box.

All major accessories are stored inside the lid.

Standard setup typically includes lace carriage. Brother KH120 can be accessorized with a matching Brother KR120 ribber.

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