Plastic Flatbed knitting machines

Plastic flatbed knitting machines are mostly mid-gauge or bulky but there are some standard gauge machines as well. They were manufactured by Japanese and European companies (Singer, Studio, Silver Reed, Brother, Phildar, Passap, etc.) Some are still being manufactured and are very popular among machine knitters.

If you are new to machine knitting on flatbed machines, and you just got a machine, consider the beginner-friendly projects I recommended to all my students and customers.

Brother KM100, basic/manual, mid-gauge

Brother KH341, standard, manual/basic, foldable

Brother KX350, mid-gauge, basic

Brother KX355, 7 mm, basic/manual, plastic bed

Brother KH360, 4.5/9 mm, basic/manual

Brother KH370, mid-gauge and/or bulky, basic/manual

Brother KH380, mid-gauge and/or bulky, basic/manual

Brother KH390, 4.5/9 mm, basic/manual

Brother KH395, 4.5/9 mm, basic/manual

Brother KX395, 4.5/9 mm, basic/manual

Brother KH400, 4.5/9 mm, basic/manual

Empisal HK100 (Hobby 100), 8 mm, basic/manual

KnitKing Simple Seven, mid-gauge, basic

Singer HK100, bulky, basic