Brother KH370 knitting machine

There is not much information on the Internet about this model.

This is what I found out so far:

Brother KH370 was probably manufactured for the Japanese market specifically. It has a fade pinkish shade and is very pretty.

I could not find a manual for this machine online but it looks like the tension mast is attached directly to the carriage similar to other plastic flatbed knitting machines Brother KX355, Brother KH355 and Brother KH360.

It has 90 needles. Just judging by the pictures, large needles and spacings, it is either a mid-gauge or bulky machine. Some sources claim that it is convertible but I did not see any pictures of this machine showing additional panels like other plastic models. For example, the packing setup of the convertible Brother KH360 has slots in the Styrofoam for the additional panels and in the packaging of KH370 I do not see any.

Stay tuned as I collect more information on this pretty machine.

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