Category: Mid-gauge

  • Brother KM-100 knitting machine

    Brother KM-100 knitting machine

    Brother KM100 knitting machine is a plastic flatbed knitting machine with 90 needles in the needle bed. It is very hard to find any information on this machine. From the pictures, it looks like a mid-gauge knitting machine similar to Brother KX350. It is also very likely that it was made for Japanese markets only…

  • Empisal HK100 (Hobby 100) knitting machine

    Empisal HK100 knitting machine is a 8 mm gauge knitter with a plastic bed. It is considered a mid- to bulky-gauge. This is the same machine as the Singer HK100 knitting machine. Thus, read my blog posting dedicated to that machine and see it in action in my video.

  • Addi Express KingSize knitting machine

    Addi Express KingSize knitting machine

    Addi Express KingSize knitting machine is still being actively manufactured by a German company. It features 46 needles. This post focuses on the black-and-red model and not on white-and-red one. Addi Kingsize is the largest (most needle) circular plastic knitting machine. It is also the most reliable and robust currently on the market. The price…

  • Brother KH380 knitting machine

    Brother KH380 knitting machine

    Brother KH380 is a plastic flatbed knitting machine. It is a mid-gauge or bulky (I could not find more accurate info on it). Some sources claim that this machine might be convertible (dual gauge) but judging by the pictures I found online, it might not be the case (there is not place in the Styrofoam…

  • Brother KH370 knitting machine

    There is not much information on the Internet about this model. This is what I found out so far: Brother KH370 was probably manufactured for the Japanese market specifically. It has a fade pinkish shade and is very pretty. I could not find a manual for this machine online but it looks like the tension…

  • Brother KX355 knitting machine

    Brother KX355 knitting machine

    Home Knitter KX355 knitting machine manufactured by Brother is a fun tool for hobbyists. It features 128-slot needle bed (with the slots 7 mm apart) and is capable of knitting medium and worsted yarns. It looks like the tension mast is inserted into the carriage (similar to Singer KH100, covered in my other post). It…

  • Brother KH355 knitting machine

    Brother KH355 knitting machine

    The Brother KH355 knitting machine was manufactured and released in the early 1980s. It is more represented in the Japanese used market. It features a plastic flat needle bed with 128 needles, separated by 7 mm space. It is considered a mid-gauge knitting machine but probably (similarly to KX350), it will also take thicker yarns.…

  • Simple Seven Knitting machine by KnitKing

    Simple Seven knitting machine released to the market under the KnitKing brand name is identical to the Brother KX350 knitting machine. Read more about all the pros and cons and details in the article on Brother KX350 while enjoying the pictures of Simple Seven below.

  • Brother KX350 knitting machine

    Brother KX350 Home Knitter (also known as KnitKing Simple Seven) is a plastic-bed knitting machine with only basic/manual capabilities of manipulating stitches. It has 132 needles, positioned 7 mm apart. It is considered a mid-gauge knitting machine. It was manufactured and released to the market sometime in the early 1980-ies as a hobbyist and inexpensive…