Brother KX395 knitting machine

Brother KX395 knitting machine is a plastic flatbed knitting machine with a dual gauge. It comes with gate pegs with the needle channels positions 4.5 and 9 mm apart. Thus, this machine can be a standard gauge and a bulky gauge.

The carriage has an intarsia setting. The 9 mm setting can accommodate 110 needles, and 4.5 mm setting, 220 needles, accordingly.

Do not confuse this model with the Brother KH395 knitting machine, although they are very similar: both are convertible and plastic flatbeds. The only difference I can see so far is their look. The rest I am still figuring out, since I can’t find a manual for KH395 🙂 ). Maybe the only difference is that KX395 was made for Western markets and KH395 for Japanese ones (judging by the all-Japanese writing on the carriage and needlebed of KH395).

Besides the convertible feature, Brother KX395 looks very similar to Brother KX350 in terms of accessories and setup. I suspect some of the parts are interchangeable with Brother KX350.

Brother KX395 can be equipped with a knit leader but I am not sure yet which model.

Brother manufactured several other dual-gauge knitting machines – Brother KH360, KH390, and KH400. Brother KX395 is a little bit advanced compared to KH360 and KH390, since it has a separate tension mast stand holder (and it is NOT on the carriage like in these other models).

Stay tuned as I find more information on this machine.

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