Brother KH571 knitting machine


Brother KH571 knitting machine is an 8-push button knitting machine with a pattern control center. It is a metal flat-bed knitting machine with 200 needles positioned 4.5 mm apart, which makes this knitting machine standard. The machine was very likely released to the market in mid-to-late 1960s.


I did not have a chance yet to see this machine in real life and/or work on it. Below are pictures generously provided by other knitting machine enthusiasts and posted here with their permission.

It has a very pleasant pink/white color combination, an inverse color combo of the Brother KH561 knitting machine.

Brother manufactured also other standard-gauge 8-push button knitting machines: Profile 552, KH560, KH561, KH 581, KH583, Profile/KH 585, KH587, and KH588 and KH710. The patterning center of Brother KH571 has the same features as its counterparts, Brother KH581, KH583, and KH585 knitting machines, but is less advanced as later models, KH587, KH588 and KH710. However, the carriage levers are more advanced than its earlier counterparts (like Profile 552).

If you like this type of patterning mechanics but would like versatility, check out the Brother KH800 knitting machine: it has the same ratchet-based needle selection mechanism but it is actually punch-card based (thus, more unique needle combinations with 12-stitch repeat).