Brother KH212 vintage knitting machine

Brother KH212 knitting machine is a standard-gauge (4.5 mm) knitting machine with 190 needles. It was released to the market in 1957 and it is a true vintage beauty.

I did not have a chance to work on it yet. However, you can still enjoy the pictures below generously provided to me by a knitting machine enthusiast.

The manual can be found online. It describes the functioning of the machine really well. The machine comes with a hard case and a sturdy handle.

The row counter is a slide-on of a vintage style. A knitter must attach a special bracket to mount the row counter. The table clamps are straight screw-on clamps.

Despite being vintage, this is one of the first models to have a yarn rode with two yarn tension units.

The carriage has a tension dial, row counter tripper (needs to be pulled out), yarn feeder (looks like for just one thread) and holding cam levers. The handle is on the left-hand side of the carriage (not seen very well in my pictures below but the manual shows it well). It looks like the sinker plate is removable, unlike earlier vintage models, like KH35. Refer to the manual to learn about all other functions of the carriage.

The needles are shorter than those of later Brother knitting machine models. They even look a bit similar to the needles from European knitting machines, like Passap. Another vintage knitting machine (Brother KH35) also uses similar needles.

The needle bed is extended to accommodate the carriage when knitting on the full bed and it does not have unfoldable ends like other vintage knitting machines, like Brother KH218.

Let me know if you have any other information on this machine that you would like to include in this Knitting Machine Encyclopedia.

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