Brother KH965i knitting machine

Brother knitting machine KH965i is a slightly updated version of the Brother KH965 machine. Read about their differences in my other post.

Brother KH965i was released to the market in the early 1990s (in 1992 or a bit later). It is a standard-gauge knitting machine with 200 needles situated 4.5 mm apart. This machine is capable of reading electronic patterns. The needle selection is done electronically as well.

This model comes also under other names, like KnitKing (CompuKnit) Vcx.

The selection cam ( a dial on the carriage) has NL, KC(I), KC(II), and CR options.

The front panel has a slot (next to the row counter) to insert the disk.

Knitters who desire a more modern transfer of the pattern may use that port to attach a cable. However, the machine also comes with an already built-in port for a transfer cable (originally to transfer files from the FB disk driver). This port can be used to connect the machine to a computer. This additional port is one of the major differences between Brother KH965 and KH965i

I have not had a chance yet to work on the Brother KH965i knitting machine. So stay tuned for more feedback. But since this machine is simply an updated version of Brother KH930 and Brother KH940, read in the meantime blogs dedicated to those machines (especially the pros and cons of electronic Brother knitting machines).

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