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  • Jones KH585 knitting machine

    Jones KH585 knitting machine

    Jones KH585 knitting machine is a replica of Brother KH585 8-pushbutton knitting machine just under a different brand name. It is a standard-gauge knitting machine with 200 needles spaced apart 4.5 mm. Read more in the corresponding Brother KH585 post.

  • Jones KH588 knitting machine

    Jones KH588 knitting machine

    Jones KH588 knitting machine is an 8-pushbutton standard-gauge knitting machine identical to the Brother KH588 model.

  • Jones KH800 knitting machine

    Jones KH800 knitting machine is identical to Brother KH800 knitting machine with its unique needle selection mechanism (watch a video showing the insides and insights of it). By the way, it is super easy to make your own punchcards for this machine out of regular printing paper. See my video and read a separate blog…

  • Jones KH820 knitting machine

    … while I am working on putting the gallery together for the Jobes KH820, i wanted to let you know that it is the same machine as Brother KH820.

  • Jones KR551 ribber

    Jones KR551 ribber

    Jones ribber with the model number KR551 is identical to the Brother KR551 ribber. It fits Jones/Brother 4-pushbutton knitting machines, often available in my shop.

  • Jones KH551 knitting machine

    Jones KH551 is a replica of Brother KH551 knitting machines. Read about it in its own dedicated blog post.

  • Jones KR582 ribber

    The picture of the manual below is the only evidence I found so far that the Jones KR582 ribbing attachment exists. However, it is very likely a ribber to work with the pushbutton Brother and Jones and Genie 8-pushbutton knitting machines. It is also very likely similar to either Brother KR580 or Brother/Jones KR586 ribbers.…

  • Jones KR586 ribbing attachment

    Jones KR586 is the same ribber as Brother KR586. Thus, refer to a mode detailed post in the corresponding Brother section.