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  • Jones KH551 knitting machine

    Jones KH551 is a replica of Brother KH551 knitting machines. Read about it in its own dedicated blog post.

  • Brother KH521 knitting machine

    Brother KH521 knitting machine

    Brother KH521 knitting machine is a 4-push button machine with 200 needles, spaced 4.5 apart. It was manufactured in the early 1960s. It is possible that it was released for the Japanese market only judging by the number of writing on the packaging, on the machine and on the carriage in Japanese. I personally did…

  • Brother KH531 knitting machine

    Brother KH531 knitting machine

    I am actually very bummed that I have not gotten a chance to work on this machine and/or see it in person. However, here are the pictures posted with the author’s persmission. It is a 4-push button knitting machine with a screw-on handle and a clip-on vintage row counter. The buttons are activated using the…

  • Brother Profile 551 knitting machine

    Brother Profile 551 knitting machine is a standard gauge machine (with the space between needles equal to 4.5 mm). It was released to the market by Brother in 1960-ies. No other brand names exist to the brest of my knowledge. I have no idea why these earlier models are called “Profile” and why later models…