Suzuki garter bar

Suzuki garter bar is the highest quality garter bar currently available on the market. It is still available on the used market and can also be purchased in my Etsy store. Or make in inquiry at my independent store – I might have it for less.

A full set consists of one long bar with the clip at its end (often also called a “bar connector”), one long bar with the groove that attaches to the first long bar, and one short bar that also can be attached to the first one or used independently for small projects or increases/decreases.

The two bronze-like-looking parts are for holding the needle butts. The grooves and the screws allow them to be expanded.

Suzuki bar for standard knitting machines comes in a long red box – an immediate giveaway not to confuse it with the knock-offs.

Other garter bar sets are: Garter bars for bulky machine GB9, and garter bars branded specifically for Empisal, Silver Reed and Knittax knitting machines.

Instructions on using any garter bar are somewhat confusing in my opinion. So, watch lots of videos when you decide to start using garter bars for your projects. My learning curve was pretty steep with lots of mistakes and unravellings!! 🙂

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