Passap E8000 knitting machine

Passap E8000 knitting machine is probably my dream machine, but an unachievable dream because I understand that this is a completely different beast and is unlike any other knitting machine.

Passap E8000 was the last machine manufactured by the Swiss company Passap. It was released to the market in 1997.

So, while I am looking for one (or better to say, salivating over one), I am researching what it is, its capabilities, limitations and all other features.

The article below is a product of this research. I do not have my own pictures yet. So, please simply Google-image the machine to see it.

Passap E8000 is a fine gauge machine. It is electronic and is operated by a motor. It is fully automatic in terms of patterning and knitting.

It take lace-weight yarn.

It features a double-bed setup, with the two metal beds connected to each other at an angle. Both beds have their own carriages. Each bed has 383 needles positioned 3.25 mm apart. All patterning and knitting functions are chosen through a central control unit equipped with a nice display.

Since it is a motorized machine, the motor is equipped with a lot of functions as well to make knitting as problems free as possible. For example, it has a built-in yarn brake control.

The standard setup comes with a 4-color yarn changer.

It apparently does not allow to knit shaped panels, only straight ones. Thus, one can either knit blankets, throws, scarves, or knit panels and then make garments by cut & sew technique.

Patterns can be uploaded into a machine console through special software, including DAK and Creation.

There are some resources available on the Internet. The best resources, in my opinion, are FaceBook groups.

This article will be updated as I research the capabilities of Passap E8000.

Good luck with your Passap E8000 and I will continue to dream about owning one and actually knitting on it too.

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