Brother KRC900 Color changer

Brother KRC color changer is compatible with bulky (like Brother KH260 and Brother KH270) and standard Brother knitting machines (starting from about KH830 and up), which makes it a very desirable accessory. The only other color changer that fits that many machines is Brother KRC-1100M and Brother KRC-1000E (if used manually, not electronically).

It assists machine knitters in knitting up to 4-color panels. It works on double-bed setups (main machine + ribber).

The standard setup comes with a setting arm, a color changer with change buttons, a tension stand, a rear yarn guide, two yarn tension units, and a punchcard set. The punchcards are marked with the KRC lettering on the side.

It can still be purchased on the used market.

It also comes under the KnitKing RCC name.

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