Brother KL111 knit leader

Brother KL111 knit leader is a charting device to help machine knitters knit garments and complex shapes (like ovals, neck openings, and sleeves).

I could not find a lot of information (even in the manual) about which exactly knitting machines Brother KL111 is compatible with. Judging by the pictures in the manual, it should fit all pushbutton knitting machines, standard- and fine-gauge.

If you get lucky to find a KL111 knit leader in good shape and with all accessories, you will see a bluish in the color head with white buttons and levers and hopefully with a full set of accessories, including sheet guides, stands, stitch measure scales, mylar sheet, black washable pen, feed connector, set lever, and a metric ruler.

Mylar sheet is pretty sturdy and even the sheets that came with the original knitleaders are still in pretty good shape.

The washable pen will very likely be either missing from your setup (or being so old that it would not work). If you find a substitute (recommended by a FaceBook group, a guild or a knitting friend), test this pen on the side of your sheet (as well as test how erasable it is) before use. It also needs to stay for the duration of your knitting project.

The standard setup also comes with the feed connector or a knit leader tripper: a small lever that should be attached to the carriage to trip the knitleader. However, several pushbutton machines I worked on came with this tripper already. So, if your KL111 knit leader came without one, check the carriage of your machine: you might already have one.

A metric ruler might be missing as well but any metric ruler will work.

If you didn’t have the ratchet tool with your knit leader, check again maybe the same ratchet tool is already available with your machine. If you still do not have one, you can use a spanner tool included with Brother ribbers. It is less ergonomic (the handle is not as comfortable) but can be fixed by attaching several layers of tape.

Brother KL111 differs a bit from its closest but later-released counterpart, KL113: the sheet guides are a bit different in shape. The feed lever is roughly the same position (more towards the left-hand side of the knit leader) but it is different in shape: it is a straight lever rather than a V-shape tripper. Also, the standard setup includes the stand-brackets.

As I learn more information on Brother KL111 knitleader, I will update this post. But in the meantime, enjoy your knit-leading adventures!

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