Brother KHC-820A color changer

Brother KHC-820A color changer is an add-on to almost all punchcard and electronic standad-gauge knitting machines manufactured by Brother. The manual states that it can even be used with Brother KH820 and Brother KH810 punchcard-based knitting machines.

It is similar to the Brother KHC-820 color changer, thus, read my article on Brother KHC820 as well. In fact, I have not seen a manual specifically for KH820A (with the exception of the add-on manual for the KH910-KHC-820A combo).

Brother KHKC-820A, like KHC820, comes with the special sinker plate, the changer with yarn change buttons…

… a knob for tightening the changer onto the arm (read on that in my KHC820 blog), one yarn tension mast (the second mast will be from your machine), an arm, a yarn tension setting stand, a KHC arm connector, and tuck-brushes.

Most color changes available on the used market are still in pretty decent shape. Most even come with a set of punchcards (which are marked with KHC letters)

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