Studio SRN321 ribbing attachment

Ribbing attachments, or ribbers, add-ons to main knitting machines to convert 200 needle knitting machine into a 400 needle unit. Additionally, the ribbers can knit purl stitches without hand manipulations. They offer also other patterning possibilities depending on the ribber itself as well as machine/ribber combination.

Studio SRN-321 ribber was made to match Studio and Singer and Silver reed standard-gauge 200-needle knitting machines.  SRN-321 ribbers were introduced to the market in 1972.


They are compatible with knitting machines Studio and Singer MemoMatic 321. The manual states that it is compatible with Singer/Studio/Silver Reed knitting machine models  number 305, 312, 313 and 315.


I personally tested Studio SRN-321 ribber on Singer MemoMatic 321 and I had a blast (see video). It seemed easier to set up and to find the right distance between the main bed and the ribber. Instructions seemed very straightforward as well. It knitted single 1×1 rib and double 1×1 rib wonderfully. I did not see in the instructions if this ribber can provide double jacquard possibilities and I did not test it myself yet.


The machine is equipped with a straightforward set of assesories, including a connecting art that attaches the main bed carriage to the ribber carriage and moves them simultaneously.


The ribber carriage glides across the bed very smoothly even with double-rib and even when attached to the main carriage. I loved this about this ribber. Also, the instruction is so easy to follow.


Everything felt so good about this ribber that I did not find any cons. Although it would be nice if it was compatible with other knitting machines. But honestly, I do not see why it can’t but I only tested this ribber with the setup recommended in the manual. Also, the manual does not clearly describe whether the 400-needle setup (main bed plus the ribber) can knit true double jacquard. Also, don’t forget about covering the ribber with a blanket or a towel when not in use to prevent UV damage to the plastic components.

20230222_133846 - frame at 0m1s

This and other Studio/Singer ribbers are available in my Etsy store from time to time.

If you purchased this ribber in a rough shape, check my article on the steps I take while cleaning and servicing ribbers, especially those showing some rust.

If you have a well-serviced ribber, check the steps I take while testing the ribbers.

Studio also released other ribbers to the market. The model numbers are SRP20, SRP50, SRP60 and SRP60N. The earliest ribber model to the best of my knowledge is SR10 and it fits only a handful of vintage Studio/Singer/Silver Reed knitting machines.

Happy Knitting!

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