Manual/Basic knitting machines

If you are new to machine knitting on flatbed machines, and you just got a machine, consider the beginner-friendly projects I recommended to all my students and customers.


Brother KH35, 4.5 mm

Brother KH212, 4.5 mm

Brother KH218, 4.5 mm

Brother KH311

Brother KH341, 4.5mm, foldable, plastic bed

Brother Profile 500

Jones Simplicity

JUKI K-821, 4.5 mm, metal

Silver Reed SK101, metal

Silver Reed SK102, metal

Silver Reed SK103, metal

Silver Reed SK105, metal, 4.5 mm

Silver Reed SK106, metal

Toyota APK

Toyota K 104

Toyota K 108


Brother KX350, plastic bed, 7 mm

Brother KX355, plastic bed, 7 mm

Brother KH355, plastic bed, 7 mm, with electronic knit leader

Brother KH370, plastic bed

Brother KH380, plastic bed, 7 mm

KnitKing Simple Seven, plastic bed, 7 mm

Silver Reed SK110

Silver Reed LK150, 6.5 mm

Silver Reed SK160, 6.5 mm

Silver Reed SK200, 6.5 mm

Silver Reed LK2200, 6.5 mm


Brother KH210, metal, 9 mm

Brother KH220, metal, 9 mm

Brother KH230, metal, 9 mm

Silver Reed SK120 (Kantan Bulky), metal, 8 mm

Silver Reed SK121, metal, 11 mm

Silver Reed SK150

Silver Reed SK151

Singer HK100, plastic, 8 mm

Dual gauge/convertible

Brother KH360, 4.5/9 mm, plastic bed

Brother KH390, 4.5/9 mm, plastic bed

Brother KH395, 4.5/9 mm, plastic bed

Brother KX395, 4.5/9 mm, plastic bed

Brother KH400, 4.5/9 mm, plastic bed