JUKI knitting machines

JUKI knitting machines are very interesting in their designs, working mechanisms and color combinations. I own a couple of JUKI knitting machines but did not get a chance to work on them yet. Below is the list of machines I found existing on the Internet. Stay tuned as I learn more about their gauges, mechanisms of working, and other features. Some JUKI machines are sometimes branded under Erika name. Some machines were released under Singer’s name and some under Lemair (for British and Australian markets, respectively).

To my current knowledge, JUKI manufactured only standard-gauge knitting machines.

JUKI K-821, manual/basic

JUKI K-871, One-touch Auto, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-881, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-882, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI K-883, One-touch Auto S, 8-pushbutton

JUKI KE-1200, Hi-Memory, 12-puhsbutton/12-hole punchcard combo

JUKI KE-1500, Hi-Memory, 12-puhsbutton/12-hole punchcard combo

JUKI, KE-2400, Hi-Memory, 24-hole punchcards

JUKI KE-2500, Hi-Memory, 24-hole punchcards