Empisal Knitting Machines

There are two major “branches” of Empisal knitting machines. Brother sold some of its machines under the Empisal brand in Australia and New Zealand (probably after purchasing rights for that distribution channel or that branch). Silver Reed manufacturer of knitting machines bought the distribution rights for knitting machines in the UK and therefore Silver Reed machines coming from the UK are branded under Empisal as well (very often with the added “Knitmaster” surname to it). Empisal by Brother and Empisal by Silver Reed have different looks, and features and therefore are easy to distinguish. Well, join me on this journey – figuring out which Empisal machines resemble Brother ones and which Silver Reed’s.

For now, the list below shows all machines branded under the Empisal name.


Empisal Schnellstricker

Empisal supermatic PB8 KH68

Empisal Knitmaster 250 mod

Empisal Knitmaster 302 mod

Empisal Knitmaster 305

Empisal KH600

Empisal KH680L, 8-pushbutton

Empisal KH70

Empisal KH90

Empisal KH91

Empisal Supermatic KH880, standard, pushbuttons


Empisal HK160, mid-gauge, punchcards, foldable


Empisal Knitmaster FK370

Empisal Knitmaster FK270