Color Changers

There are four- and six-color changes available as additional attachments for most flat-bed knitting machines.

Double-bed knitting machines often come with their own built-in color changers (2-color changer for Passap 80 and 4-color changer for Passape E6000), which can be upgraded to 4- and 6-color changers (for Passap 80 and Passap E6000, respectively).

The list of color changers below is split by manufacturer and then by main features.


The model name of Brother color changers hints on what the color changer can/should be used with. If you see an “R” in the model number, that means the color changer can be used on a knitting machine setup attached to a ribber. If there is not “R” in the model number and only “H “, the color changer can be used when only main bed is forming the stitches.

Brother KHC800

Brother KHC820A

Brother KRC800

Brother KRC830

Brother KRC840

Brother KRC900

Brother KRC-1100M

Brother KRC-1000E

Singer/Studio/SiLver Reed