Attachments and Assesories


Ribbers, or ribbing attachments, convert a single-bed flat-bed knitting machine into a double bed. The whole setup can then form knit- and purle-stitches (on the main and ribbing beds, respectively).

A ribber is typically attached to a main knitting machine through a series of clamps and brackets.

Color Changers

Color changers, besides assisting in literally automatic thread switches, also assist machine knitters in creating double-jacquard fabric. There are color changers for single-bed setups (just the knitting machine) and there are color changers for two-bed setups (knitting machine + ribber). European knitting machines (Passaps) have built-in color changers. There are also 2, 4, and 6 color changers. Last, but not least, there are electronic color changers to assist the top-of-the-line electronic knitting machines.


Charting Devices/Knit Leaders



Software for electronic machines


Under this tab you will find assesories that I so unique that it would be hard to assign them a category… Such as needle selectors, controllers, etc.