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  • Brother KH801 knitting machine

    Brother KH801 knitting machine

    Brother KH801 is a knitting machine very similar (if not identical with the exception of all writing being in Japanese) to the Brother KH800 available in the US used and vintage markets. All Japanese writing on the carriage, box and case of Brother KH801 makes me think that it was released to only Japanese markets.…

  • Jones KH800 knitting machine

    Jones KH800 knitting machine is identical to Brother KH800 knitting machine with its unique needle selection mechanism (watch a video showing the insides and insights of it). By the way, it is super easy to make your own punchcards for this machine out of regular printing paper. See my video and read a separate blog…

  • Brother KH800 knitting machine

    Brother KH800 knitting machine

    Brother KH800 was manufactured in 1971. It is a standard (4.5 mm between the needles) gauge knitting machine with 200 needles. It comes in a unique bright emerald-green color and has a wide bed, which makes this machine heavier than usual. The standard setup should come with two screw-on handles: one for the main carriage…

  • Toyota Elena Auto 7

    Toyota Elena Auto 7

    Below are the pictures of the machine I recently purchased. Toyota Elena Auto 7 knitting machine is a standard-gauge setup equipped with a punchcard reading mechanism and needle selection. There is such sparse information on this machine on the Internet so I am eager to learn and expand my knowledge on it. Stay tuned!!

  • PS-150 punchcard needle selector

    PS-150 punchcard needle selector

    PS-150 needle selector was invented to work with bulky Singer/Silver Reed/Studio knitting machines capable of only manual stitch manipulations. Basically, it works like a punchcard-reading mechanism but not quite automatically. A special ruler is inserted into the slot, in which one row of the punchcard pattern is visible. The pins on the ruler are pushed…