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  • KnitKing ribber KR880

    KnitKing ribber KR880 is identical to the Brother KR830 ribbing attachment. Thus, refer to the blog on KR830. This blog will only show pictures of KnitKing KR880 ribber.

  • Jones KR551 ribber

    Jones KR551 ribber

    Jones ribber with the model number KR551 is identical to the Brother KR551 ribber. It fits Jones/Brother 4-pushbutton knitting machines, often available in my shop.

  • Jones KR582 ribber

    The picture of the manual below is the only evidence I found so far that the Jones KR582 ribbing attachment exists. However, it is very likely a ribber to work with the pushbutton Brother and Jones and Genie 8-pushbutton knitting machines. It is also very likely similar to either Brother KR580 or Brother/Jones KR586 ribbers.…

  • Jones KR586 ribbing attachment

    Jones KR586 is the same ribber as Brother KR586. Thus, refer to a mode detailed post in the corresponding Brother section.

  • Brother KR586 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR586 ribbing attachment

    This vintage ribbing attachment comes in a pretty white-blue color combo. It fits standard-gauge knitting machines and has 200 needles. Brother KR586 ribbing attachment is meant to be an add-on to the pushbutton knitting machines, like Brother KH552, KH561, KH581, KH585, KH588, etc. I personally have not had a chance to knit with this ribber…

  • Brother KR110 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR110 ribbing attachment

    If fine-gauge knitting machines are hard to find, then the matching ribbing attachments are almost impossible to snatch. Alas, I was only able to get a hold of the pictures of Brother KR110 ribber, which are posted below (without objection from the original owner) for your admiration. The carriage reminds me of a carriage for…

  • Brother KR810 ribber

    Brother KR810 ribber

    Ribbing attachment Brother KR810 was released to the market in the very early 1970s to supplement standard-gauge Brother Knitting machines. Brother KR810 ribber features 200 needles, spaced 4.5 mm apart. Brother KR810 can fit the largest variety of knitting machines: from 8-pushbutton KH552 and KH710 to early punchcard model KH800 as well as later punchcard…

  • Brother KR850 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR850 ribbing attachment

    Ribbing attachment was developed to convert single-bed flat-bed knitting machines into double-bed knitting setups. Thus, Brother KR850 ribber works on most standard-gauge Brother knitting machines released in the early 1970s and later. I am yet to find specific information (on the Internet and in old magazines) about when this ribber was first introduced to the…

  • Brother KR551 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR551 ribbing attachment

    Ribbing attachment Brother KR551 was released to the market in the mid-1960s. It has 200 needles positioned 4.5 mm apart. This ribber fits Brother KH500, KH550  and KH551 knitting machines. It is one of the first ribbing attachments released to the market yet it is still capable of doing a lot of different patterns. I…

  • Studio SRN321 ribbing attachment

    Studio SRN321 ribbing attachment

    Ribbing attachments, or ribbers, add-ons to main knitting machines to convert 200 needle knitting machine into a 400 needle unit. Additionally, the ribbers can knit purl stitches without hand manipulations. They offer also other patterning possibilities depending on the ribber itself as well as machine/ribber combination. Studio SRN-321 ribber was made to match Studio and…

  • Brother KR580 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR580 ribbing attachment

    Ribbing attachment Brother KR580 appeared on the market in 1966 to convert 8-push button knitting machines into double-bed knitting setups. I had the privilege to work on the KR580 ribbing attachment and I had a lot of fun learning and exploring this vintage piece of knitting technology. That particular ribber is described in my blog.…

  • Brother KR830 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR830 ribbing attachment

    Brother KR830 ribbing attachment was developed to convert a single-bed standard-gauge flat-bed knitting machine into a double-bed knitting setup. There is not specific information on when exactly these appeared on the market but very likely around the same time as the main bed. Brother KR830 ribber features 200 needles, spaced 4.5 mm apart. It fits…