Category: Assesory

  • D-slider

    D slider is used with the bulky (9 mm) ribbers to create knitted panels using the drop-stitch technique.

  • PS-150 punchcard needle selector

    PS-150 punchcard needle selector

    PS-150 needle selector was invented to work with bulky Singer/Silver Reed/Studio knitting machines capable of only manual stitch manipulations. Basically, it works like a punchcard-reading mechanism but not quite automatically. A special ruler is inserted into the slot, in which one row of the punchcard pattern is visible. The pins on the ruler are pushed…

  • Brother KA-395 carriage

    Brother KA395 carriage is a so-called reversible carriage. It is an add-on attachment for plastic flat-bed Japanese machines Brother KH360, Brother KH370 and Brother KH380. I am currently researching the details on this carriage and there are not many. Stay tuned!

  • Stitch scales for knit leader for Brother KH871, KH881, and KH891 knitting machines

    Some of my customers reached out to me and asked for knit leader scales for the Brother KH881 and KH891 knitting machines. Those are so hard to find! I did not have any spare ones so I took pictures and emailed to them. More people started asking for those and I decided to put them…