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  • Brother KH965 knitting machine

    Brother KH965 knitting machine

    Brother Electroknit KH965 knitting machine is a knitting machine capable of needle selection and patterning with an electronically controlled drive. (You still need to move the handle of the knitting carriage by yourself unless you have a motor.) This wonderful machine was released to the market in 1992 by Brother. It has 200 needles like…

  • Genie, the Magic Knitter, knitting machine KH710

    Genie KH710 is manufactured by Brother and branded as Genie. It is identical to the Brother KH710 model of standard-gauge knitting machine. Read about all pros and cons and details about Brother KH710 in a separate article. In the meantime, enjoy pictures of Genie, the Magic Knitter, KH710 below.