Brother KX395 knitting machine

Brother KX395 knitting machine is a plastic flatbed knitting machine with a dual gauge. It comes with gate pegs with the needle channels positions 4.5 and 9 mm apart. Thus, this machine can be a standard gauge and a bulky gauge.

The carriage has an intarsia setting.

Do not confuse this model with the Brother KH395 knitting machine since they are slightly different (still figuring out what this difference is, though, since I can’t find a manual for KH395 🙂 ).

Brother KX395 can be equipped with a knit leader but I am not sure yet which model.

Brother manufactured several other dual-gauge knitting machines – Brother KH360, KH390, and KH400. Brother KX395 is a little bit advanced compared to KH360 and KH390, since it has a separate tension mast stand holder (and it is NOT on the carriage like in these other models).

Stay tuned as I find more information on this machine.

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