Brother KR586 ribbing attachment

This vintage ribbing attachment comes in a pretty white-blue color combo. It fits standard-gauge knitting machines and has 200 needles.

Brother KR586 ribbing attachment is meant to be an add-on to the pushbutton knitting machines, like Brother KH552, KH561, KH581, KH585, KH588, etc.

I personally have not had a chance to knit with this ribber yet since it is missing a couple of major parts but my knitting friend successfully used it for Brother KH588. More updates will follow as I get my hands on this machine and make it work.

If you are using this ribber with your knitting machine, make sure it comes with the correct table clamps. The angle that is created by the correct table bracket might be very important to your double-bed setup.

For example, I recently tested KR810 with incorrect table clamps (because I did not have the original side levers and used the side levers from the KR830 machine). Brother KR810 ribber is supposed to be compatible with the pushbutton machines. So, I knitted successfully with the KR810 ribber with my punchcard Brother KH840 but not with my pushbutton Brother KH710. I blamed it on the non-original table clamps.

Unlike its earlier predecessor, the Brother KR580 ribber, Brother KR586 comes with a connecting arm, which indeed connects the main carriage with the ribbing carriage, and both move with just one movement. The connecting arm clings to the metal pin on the ribbing carriage.

Everything about this machine says “vintage”. The squareness of the design of the main bed and even the assesories (check out the barrel weights below).

Brother KR586 ribbing attachment also can be seen under the Jones brand name.

Brother KR586 ribber has slightly different assesories than its slightly younger KR587 counterparts according to the manual: the table clamps are not included with the KR587 (I suspect because the side brackets are of a bit advanced nature with the flat levers already attached).

Other similar ribbers of the same kind are Brother KR580, and Brother KR710.

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