Brother KR120 ribbing attachment

If fine-gauge knitting machines are hard to find, the matching ribbing attachments are almost impossible to snatch. Alas, I was only able to get a hold of the pictures of Brother KR120 ribber, which are posted below (without objection from the original owner) for your admiration.

Brother KR120 ribber matches the only machine: Brother KH120. Other fine-gauge ribbers are Brother KR110.

Brother KR120 ribber is very similar to its slightly older sister, Brother KR110 ribber. KR120 has a greenish color scheme while KR 110 has an orangish. 

The sinker plate reminds me of a carriage for the KH810 ribber with its wire-like yarn feeder/holder. However, the carriage of KR120 is a bit more “modern” than that of KR110 and KR810: no typical side release button.

One difference between KR110 and KR120 ribbers is that the KR110 set contains vintage-looking (not barrel-like) weights while the weights for the KR120 are more round and indeed barrel-like.

Side brackets of KR120 ribber are also “more advanced”, and similar to the brackets for the KR830 and KR850 ribbers: they have flat unfolding levers that would be attached to the table but a regular table clamp. In contrast, the brackets for KR110 are more vintage.

All these similarities (some with KR810, some with KR110, and some with KR830/KR850) make finding information on this unique ribber easier: just find manuals for the corresponding robbers if you can’t find one for the KR120.

Needle positions for the KR120 are A, B, D and E.

So far I have only seen pictures of the Brother KR120 carriage with the writing in Japanese. Maybe this ribber was only available on the Japanese market…??

If you purchased this ribber in a rough shape, check my article on the steps I take while cleaning and servicing ribbers, especially those showing some rust.

If you have a well-serviced ribber, check the steps I take while testing the ribbers.

Happy Knitting!

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