Brother KL116 knit leader

Brother KL116 knit leader is probably the most popular model of a charting device manufactured back in the times when Brother still made knitting machines. It fits a huge majority of Brother knitting machines, from pushbutton KH710 to punchcard KH890 to electronic KH970. It even fits bulky Brother knitting machines, like KH230, KH260 and KH270.

Brother KL116 is an accessory that helps to make shaped knitted panels for garments, sweaters, skirts, sleeves, etc.

It has similar mylar sheets, which are wider than the sheets for the built-in knit leaders with the zero-line being in the center. The position of the feeding lever is closer to the center and fhisted more to the right-hand side (probably to be closer to the center of the needle bed especially for bulky machines). It also includes a binding wire, not present in earlier knit leader models.

If your knit leader did not come with a working pen, test whatever replacement pen you decided to use on the side of your sheet (as well as test how erasable it is) before use. It also needs to stay for the duration of your knitting project.

I hope you can find this versatile knitleader for your needs with all assesories!!

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