Brother KHC-820 color changer

Brother KHC820 color changer is designed to work with single-bed Brother knitting machines. It is compatible with the majority of standad-gauge punchcard and electronic Brother knitting machines. The manual states that it can even be used with Brother KH820 and Brother KH810 punchcard-based knitting machines.

The standard setup includes a sinker plate, the changer with yarn change buttons, a knob for tightening the changer onto the arm, one yarn tension mast, arm, a yarn tension setting stand, a KHC arm connector, tuck-brushes and a set of punchcards (which are marked with KHC letters).

The KHC arm connector acts as a main bed extension. For example, you have a ribber attached to your machine but you still want to use the KHC-820 color changer. Thus, you can use the KHC arm connector by clipping it onto the side of the main bed by securing it into the slot right next to the felt bar (also known as a retaining or sponge bar). Then the yarn change (the one with four buttons) is attached to it. Refer to the manual for specific details.

Below are the pictures I took of my setup for reference.

I do not see a difference between KHC820 and KHC820a color changers. In fact, I see KHC820a color changers being packed with the manual for the KHC820 models.

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