Brother KH965 knitting machine

Brother Electroknit KH965 knitting machine is a knitting machine capable of needle selection and patterning with an electronically controlled drive. (You still need to move the handle of the knitting carriage by yourself unless you have a motor.)

This wonderful machine was released to the market in 1992 by Brother. It has 200 needles like all Brother standard-gauge knitting machines.

Besides KH965, it can come under various names, such as Topical 5 and KnitKing V. (There is a lot of confusion about the differences between KH965 and KH965i and even KH965e). With being under different brand names, the color combos of the machines are slightly different too even though all the functionalities are the same. Except: Brother KH965i has slightly advanced functionality (read about it in my other blog and the article on KH965i).

Brother KH965 Topical 5 was released to the Japanese market and thus, all writing on the carriage and control panel is in Japanese. Topical-5 KH965 version has similar selection dial functions on the carriage (KCII and KCI).

Brother KH965 It has enough storage for 615 patterns. It can also accept patterns for storage through internal cables so you can create custom patterns.

The holding cam lever on the Brother KH965 carriage has three positions: N, H (for holding position/knitting) and I (for intarsia).

Brother KH965 also has a compartment to insert PB disks.

Modern knitters, not wanting to deal with these disks, convert the disk port to the outlet for a special cable to then transfer the pattern to the machine from a computer using special software.

I did not have a chance yet to work on this machine. So stay tuned for more feedback. But since this machine is simply an updated version of Brother KH930 and Brother KH940, read in the meantime blogs dedicated to those machines (especially pros and cons of electronic Brother knitting machines).

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