Brother KH940 electronic knitting machine

I am now a lucky owner of a Brother KH940 electronic knitting machine.

While exploring it, I discovered that it is identical (even the way it looks) to the Brother KH930 knitting machine but has more memory so I don’t have to split my DAK pattern into several parts to knit it on the machine, which is very VERY convenient!!

Brother KH940 is a standard-gauge knitting machine released to the market two years after its KH930 counterpart, which explains slightly expanded memory.

It has 200 needles and is capable of electronic patterning. The machine has numerous (555) built-in patterns to knit tuck , slip-, fair isle and weave-patterns, all identical to Brother KH930.

It is often branded as KnitKing IV and Topical-3.

More details are coming but in the meantime, read about pros and cons of Brother KH930, which is very similar to KH940 with the exception of slightly expanded electronic memory.

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