Brother KH894 knitting machine.

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Brother KH894 knitting machine is a Japan-made standard-gauge knitting machine with 200 needles and 4.5 mm distance between the needles. It can knit patterns automatically. The patterns are predetermined by the punch card. The punchcard reader gets the information from the punchcards and then assists in selecting appropriate needles. On the Japanese market, it is also known under the brand Palie S, similar to other knitting machines with punchcard-reading capabilities released on the Japanese market only (like Brother KH8881 Palie 8, Brother KH891 Palie A,  Brother KH892 Palie AII, Brother KH893 Palie AII among others).


It was probably released for Japanese markets specifically since all the writing on the carriage is in Japanese.


Standard setup comes with major assesories like the mast, cast-on combs, and a lace carriage.

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Minor assesories are stored in the built-in compartment with a lid.


The row counter is built-in next to the holder for the tools. The rails for the garter carriage are built-in.


Overall the machine looks very similar to Brother KH890.  Thus, read all the pros and cons of this machine in the article dedicated to Brother KH890.

I did not knit on Brother KH894 but did on KH890.

Other standard Brother knitting machines with 24-hole punch-card capabilities are KH800, KH810, KH820, KH830, KH836, KH838, KH860, KH864, KH868, KH871, KH880, KH881, KH890, KH891, and KH892. Models ending with “1” typically have a built-in knit leader.

Studio/Singer/Silver Reed also produced standard-gauge knitting machines with 24-hole punch-card possibilities. Their patterning mechanism is somewhat different (they use patterning drums). The models are 210, 260K, 3XX series (e.g., 321, 326, 327, 328, 360K), and 700 mod, to name a few.

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