Brother KH355 knitting machine

The Brother KH355 knitting machine was manufactured and released in the early 1980s. It is more represented in the Japanese used market.

It features a plastic flat needle bed with 128 needles, separated by 7 mm space.

It is considered a mid-gauge knitting machine but probably (similarly to KX350), it will also take thicker yarns.

It comes with all standard (for plastic flatbed Brother knitting machines) accessories, including heavy-duty cast-on combs and stitch transfer tools.

It also comes with the electronic knit leader.

It is structured also similarly to other flatbed plastic knitting machines with the sections connected by metal plates. Thus, the needle bed can be extended (by adding additional plates) to more needles to knit wider panels (for example, blankets).

If you are a lucky owner of Brother KH355, I would love to hear from you. But if you are just curious about this model, read an article on a similar machine, KX350, and its pros and cons.

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