Brother KH35 knitting machine

Brother KH35 knitting machine is a simple knitting machine released by the Brother Co. to the market in 1955.

It features 184 needles, spaced 4.5 mm apart.

Despite being such a vintage item, the carriage still features a tension dial, row counter tripper, brushes to open the latches and a detachable handle. Sinker plate seems to be permanently attached to the carraige. Row counter is detachable but of a vintage round-dial type.

The carriage has cam knobs and is capable of knitting tuck-stitches besides stockinet. However, all needle selection is manual.

The needles are short and look very similar to the needles of European knitting machines, (e.g. Passaps).

I got all this information from the hard copy of the manual I own. I did not have a chance t knit on this beautiful machine.

Photographs are coming soon.