Brother KH110 knitting machine

Brother KH110 knitting machine is a fine-gauge machine (the distance between needles is 3.6 mm) capable of automatic needle selection with eight push buttons. It was very likely released to the market in the very early 1970s or very late 1960s because this is where similar standard-gauge 8-pushbutton knitting machines with the same functionality and carriage settings were made. In fact, patterning capabilities and procedures are the same for fine and standard gauge machines, so if you have questions about these machines you can’t find answers for, check the information on other Brother push-button machines.

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The machine features 260 needles and a pattern center. The pattern center is identical to the one in standard-gauge 8-pushbutton knitting machines, KH588, KH601 and KH710. Carriage functions (buttons, levers and knobs) are identical to those on the carriage for the Brother KH601 and KH800 knitting machines. So, overall, this machine’s functions are identical to those of KH601 but the needle size and the distance between the needles are different. All patterning capabilities are similar to standard-gauge Brother knitting machines. Details of fair-isle knitting for this machine, especially how to insert the second yarn into the side yar guide, are very similar to the KH800 knitting machine, which is described well in my video and blog.

Japanese writing on this machine suggests that this model was targeted for the Japanese market. A similar model but for a European or North American model is Brother KH120. There are several indicators (read about some of them in the separate article dedicated to Brother KH120, Brother KR110 and KR120 ribbers) that despite being very similar, KH110 was released to the market at least a couple of years earlier than KH120. So the difference is not only geographical market distribution.

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I did not have a chance yet to knit on this machine or to see it in person. The pictures in this article were taken with permission from the Internet.

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Like most fine-gauge machines, this machine is hard to find. So, grab one when you see it! Smile

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Standard setup should comes with a box, which contains all minor assesories.

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Major assesories included are extension rails, yarn mast, detachable row counter, sinker plate, lace carriage and cast-on combs.

The only fine-gauge knitting machine released by Brother is KH120. Studio/Silver Reed/Singer has a couple of fine-gauge models: F270, F370, and SK830.

There are not many add-ons that Brother KH110 can work with. It can be converted to a double bed by attaching a Brother KR110 ribber.

Brother released a good variety of standard-gauge 8-pushbutton machines, that work very similarly to Brother KH110.


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